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Selected Articles

“The Books & Books Business,” The Bookseller, 5/1/2015

“Cosby, and Other Cautionary Tales: A Writer Examines the Responsibilities of Biographers,” Publishers Weekly 1/5/2015

“Why Penguin and Random Must Merge – And When They Almost Did,” The Daily Beast 11/9/12
Book Industry Trends 2004 (seven essays in Book Industry Study Group statistical yearbook)

“Independent Presses and ‘Little’ Magazines in American Culture: A Forty-Year Retrospective,” 2001

“Community Voices Fathers Day Memories Bright lights in the big city: The measure of one man's life,” The Philadelphia Inquirer 6/17/2001

“Cases; Life’s End: Little Help, No Dignity,” The New York Times 1/9/2001

“Publishers Caught in a Web,” The Nation 1/26/2001

“A Bookmaker’s Tale,” The Nation 6/10/1999

“When Women Know Too Much,” The New York Times 10/12/1994

“The Best-Seller Blues: Hard Lessons from a Cosby Book,” NYTBR 6/10/1990

“The Borzoi Three-Quarterly,” Publishers Weekly 10/26/1990

“The Organization of Publishing in China,” The China Quarterly volume 107 September 1986